Do It Sooner Rather Than Later…

Gill's sparkplug

“Better do it sooner rather than later” is a phrase that we all use regarding many aspects of our life. When it comes to your vehicle, there are so many components this phrase can relate to. Being an auto repair shop, we’d like to talk about your Spark Plugs. Many manufacturers claim that extended-life spark plugs maintain a precise gap for 100,000 miles. BUT, before you wait that long to replace your vehicle’s spark plugs, we want you to know that when spark plugs hit the 80,000-mile mark, they are 4/5 worn out. Just like we are some days! As the gap in the plug widens, gas mileage and engine performance begin to suffer. Spark Plugs that have been in place for tens of thousands of miles can have a tendency to seize in the cylinder head or the 2-piece designs tend to break. If this happens, it can become a rather costly job to remove them. So, since your car’s spark plugs will require replacement as time goes by and mileage racks up, isn’t it “better to do it sooner rather than later”?

A simple inspection done by a professional repair technician at 30,000-mile intervals is the best way to assess the health of your Spark Plugs. Other maintenance items to have inspected at 30,000-mile intervals may be air filter, fuel filter, cabin air filter, brakes, tires and the starting and charging system.

Preventative Maintenance on your vehicle assures the safety and reliability of the vehicle, as well as the value of the vehicle.

Happy Motoring !!!