It’s As Simple As That… Get An Oil Change

What does it mean when the Oil Engine Light comes on?

Your Engine oil light comes on when the engine oil pressure drops below a certain level. Oil pressure is needed in the engine in order to lubricate all the internal workings of the engine. Without good oil pressure, the engine will be damaged and will require very costly repairs. You can avoid this in most cases by turning the engine off immediately and having repairs made… otherwise known as an oil change. It may be as simple as adding some oil to the engine if the level is low.

Preventing the engine oil light from coming on is very simple. Check your fluid levels frequently!!! Make sure your engine oil is between the safe and full marks on the dipstick. This is very easy to do yourself. However, you can always swing by Gill’s Automotive, and we will be happy to check your oil level for you free of charge.

Most commonly, the light will come on because the oil level is too low. Although another common reason could be because you have a faulty or leaking oil pressure sending unit (sensor). This sensor undergoes the same pressure as the engine and tends to fail or show false readings. It’s very inexpensive to replace this sensor should the oil level be good.

An oil change is one of the simplest, yet important, vehicle maintenance items. Check your manufacturer’s maintenance guide for recommended oil change intervals. Or, simply call us and we can help you.

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