Don’t Be Stuck

Cold winter temperatures can be harsh on the health of your vehicle, especially your alternator. Do you know what happens to your car, truck, or SUV when the alternator dies? Listed below are 6 signs that your alternator may be having some challenges:

1. You frequently need to jumpstart your vehicle.

2. Your lights are dim and not as bright as they once were.

3. Your battery light on the dashboard is on.

4. A belt may not be working properly causing a burning rubber smell.

5. You hear weird grinding or whining noises.

6. Your electrical system is not operating properly.

The alternator is the generator for your vehicle’s electrical system. What can contribute to the alternator’s failure?

1. If your battery is old or going bad it could contribute to alternator failure.

2. Dirt and corrosion of your battery terminals could cause the alternator not to start.

3. Worn our cables and connections.

4. Alternator belts can often break, drain the battery, and shut down so that the car does not restart.

Ignoring these signs can cause you a breakdown at any time. Don’t be a victim of a roadside breakdown. Gill’s Automotive wants you and your family to always be safe on the roadways. Scheduling an appointment for a regular checkup of these and other regular maintenance items for your vehicle is probably something you should put on your “To Do List”.

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