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Spring Cleaning for your Vehicle

A recent survey conducted by the Car Care Council found that drivers tend to stall when it comes to regular vehicle maintenance.  Listen, we realize nobody wants to pay for costly auto repairs; however, regular maintenance is the key to keeping vehicles running well...

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We’ve Come A Long Way Baby…

How Ironic.  Today is "National Day of Unplugging" and GM announces a new $20 monthly service plan that gives OnStar-equipped vehicles unlimited data.  Interesting Car & Driver article if you choose to stay plugged in all the time....

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The Very Fun Volkswagen “Beetle”

First, we will have a little history lesson. The historical story of the VW Beetle dates back to 1930’s Germany.  Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933 and announced he wanted to build new roads and affordable cars for the German people. At the time,...

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Give Me A “Brake”

We all get into our comfortable every day routine, and go about our business.  We jump in our car’s, start them, and take off to tend to life’s daily tasks without even a thought.  What we don’t often think about is the health of our car until we hear a strange noise,...

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Whether you're a football fan or not, there's no doubt almost everyone gets pumped up for the Super Bowl every year.  Some watch the game because they are die-hard football fans.  Some watch the game because they have a houseful of die-hard football fans.  Some watch...

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Do It Sooner Rather Than Later…

Do It Sooner Rather Than Later…

“Better do it sooner rather than later” is a phrase that we all use regarding many aspects of our life.  When it comes to your vehicle, there are so many components this phrase can relate to.  Being an auto repair shop, we’d like to talk about your Spark Plugs.  Many...

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Ford Bronco Makes a Return

The rumors are true!  Ford Motor Company recently officially announced the 2020 return of the mid-sized 4X4 Ford Bronco.  Not many details were revealed about the upcoming Bronco, but it will be built in the United States at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant. What we do...

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Don’t Be Stuck

Cold winter temperatures can be harsh on the health of your vehicle, especially your alternator.  Do you know what happens to your car, truck, or SUV when the alternator dies?  Listed below are 6 signs that your alternator may be having some challenges: 1.   You...

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